The Peep

The Peep loves his mealworm suet!

I think this is a female Yellow-brested chat.ID please!!

ID please!!

Female downy woodpecker

I believe this is a female downy woodpecker. 9-27-22

The Peep was practicing singing!

The Peep was practicing singing! He knows 3 songs!

Male house Finch

Male house finch visited this morning 9-24-22 For the past three years the house finches have built their nest in my Christmas wreath to raise their broods. Hoping for lots of nestlings this spring.

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker stopped by today. 9-21-22

ID please!!

ID please!!

Molting American Goldfinch

Molting American Goldfinch 9-16-22

ID PLEASE!!/Baby seagull eating crab,seagull,cormorants.


Happily the hummers are still hanging around. 9-14-22

ID please!!

ID please!!

ID please!!Maybe fox sparrow/Baby & adult seagull.

ID please!

ID please!

Hummingbird Advice Needed.

The hummingbirds at our feeder are attacking and chasing each other! Yesterday I saw three female Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds fighting! We got two feeders and put them in different places but they are still fighting! What can I do to make them not fight? I saw a male that got attacked and the feathers on his belly were coming off! Also 1 adult female Ruby Throat has a strange scar. She didn’t have that before. I saw her one day with now scar and the next day with a scar. She has been attacking the other females and males. Also, we saw an adult male with the same problem. See photos

Loons,20 turkeys,sharp-shinned hawk or a cooper’s hawk,double-crested cormorants.

Baby seagull,rock pigeons,birdhouse wall,immature bald eagle.

Birdhouses on wall,not being used.

ID please!!This bird is fine,it flew away.(:I think it is an immature nashville walbler.

At the visitor center,we saw this bird in the parking lot we saw this bird,we scooped it up with a book,than it flew on my cloths,than it flew on my sisters arm.ID please!!I think it is a immature nashville walbler.

Red Vented Bulbul Old Nest

An old nest of a Red-Vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer)

Nest attempt – A1475036


Young Cardinals, a Nuthatch, and a Sparrow with a beak full of something! The White Breasted Nuthatches have been displaying dominant behavior at the feeder by fanning their tails and wings.

Blue Jay

Early morning Blue Jay visit ~ 9-4-22.


This Hummer looking straight up ~ she could hear the other hummer approaching. Still alot of hummers around ~ preparing for the long trip ahead!

The peep #2

Here are The Peep’s parents

The mockingbird who got attacked by the other mockingbirds looks so much better! Part 1

The Peep (As he has been named since the day I met him) looks so much better!

I figured out why he was so skinny and got attacked! Mockingbirds are supposed to have 2 weeks with their mother feeding them (Which he had) and 2 weeks of training from their father (The Peep didn’t get any training from his father which means he didn’t learn how to eat or defend himself.) The poor Peep would sit outside and scream all day at his mother and she wouldn’t feed him because she thought the father was taking care of him. The poor little guy. I’m so glad he’s looking better! He looked so bad before. (Much much worse than the pictures above.)

The Cardinal Family

The Cardinal Family

Bald Eagle nest from February

This is a Bald Eagle nest from February in 2022. These are a few of the photos I took. One of the adults was incubating eggs/babies while the other was perched in a tree not too far away. The adult in the tree then flew to the nest and I managed to catch a very tender moment where the adults touched their heads together.
We never followed back up on the nest after a couple of visits so I’m not sure what happened to the eggs or babies.
The owner of the land said that the bald eagles made the nest about 4 years ago, and since Bald Eagles can mate when they’re 4, I’m assuming this pair is about 8 years old. I can’t wait to monitor the nest this coming year!
I think the nest is about 5-6 feet tall and wide.


The hummers are still hanging around ~ hopefully for another month or so. I had a hawk in my front yard yesterday ~ and again this morning . Hope to get a good shot and post it. The tail tips were white.

Immature bald eagle.

Feeder birds.

feeder birds.

House sparrow.

Common loon/osprey.

We saw an bald eagle swoop down and get a fish,eat it on a branch.

We saw a osprey but we did not get a picture of it.

Canadian geese

Think these are Canadian geese in Lake Champlain ~ South Hero, VT

Canadian Geese

Think these are Canadian Geese (white chin strap) on Lake Champlain in South Hero, VT~8-29-22

Sparrow in Eastern Bluebird House

I put up this Eastern Bluebird box early this spring hoping to attract a bluebird. Not much interest until today ~
with this sparrow going in and out. Maybe shelter for the winter?

Goldfinch ~ Chickadee

Early morning visitors. The birds love the zinninas. 8-29-22

Birds Nest Needs ID

A very flat bird nest in a tree. It was about 4” from end to end.

Hot Sparrow

Caught these guys resting on the fence. He looks hot! Both fine ~ flew away. 8-28-22


Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. The baby was there too but it left.

Wet House Sparrows

House Sparrows splashing in a puddle


Lots of hummers still around. This one feeding at the oriole feeder.

I think this is a hummingbird nest that fell out of the tree.


Here are the hummingbirds that visited yesterday. We also saw a male and female black-chinned hummingbird. (Not at the feeder) Also. the shimmery part of a male hummingbird’s throat is called a gorget.

There might be such thing as a rock pigeon I think!/ID please!

Tufted Titmouse and friend

Tufted Titmouse and Carolina Wren or Chipping Sparrow or someone else ? 8-24-22

Rufous Hummingbird is back!

Rufous is back!
See more pictures of Rufous on eBird:

Mother Cardinal Feeding Fledgling

Mother Cardinal and her baby

Rufous Hummingbird at our feeder!

Young male Rufous Hummingbird at our feeder! He’s been here 6 times so far!

Hummingbirds/I think it is a rock pigeon.

Goldfinch ~ Hummingbird

The hummers have been busy chasing each other away from the feeder. 8-22-22

Juvenile Cardinal

Juvenile Cardinal 8-21-22 ~ what a head!


Osprey on edge of salt marsh Cape Cod Mass 8-20-22.

2 female hummingbirds attack!!My feeder not yours!!

Cute baby wren,not soaking in the birdbath,in a puddle.

Cape Cod Birds

Birds in the salt marsh Cape Cod Mass 8-18-22.

The hurt Mockingbird looks so much better!

The hurt mockingbird looks so much better. He loves peanut butter!

Taking a drink

He or she showed up yesterday

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove nest in our neighbor’s backyard. The parents took turns feeding the young.

Hummingbird back.

Ibis on a powerline

I didn’t know that ibis sat on powerlines.

Mrs. Cardinal

Mrs. Cardinal came back. She was eating the safflower seeds that I spilled.

Female Cardinal at suet feeder

Look on the left side of the feeder. Hopefully, I can get better pictures of her if she comes back. I took these through a window and binoculars.

Father House Sparrow feeding son

Male house sparrow feeding young male. One reason to keep your feeders up in summer is so that the parent birds can feed the babies! Suet is one of the first things many birds feed their babies so it’s very important to leave it up all year.

Northern Cardinal

Quite the crest! Lots of cardinals around.

Mockingbird eating peanut butter

The mockingbird that was getting attacked looks much better. He loves peanut butter!

visitors again!

these cute titmice come in this tree every morning.

Female Blue Jay flying

Male Cardinal in our Oak tree

Male Cardinal in our Oak tree. The picture was taken through binoculars. I also saw a young red-tailed hawk in our oak tree too. They were making chip calls.

White House Sparrow

White House Sparrow from earlier this year.

Blue Jays

Three Blue Jays eating suet

Meet Petey the Hummingbird

This is Petey (by the way my mom named him). He’s adorable and I’ve gotten some really cute photos of him but he’s become a feeder bully. He only recently started to guard the feeder like this. Before this, sometimes you’d see one hummingbird chase another away, but now it’s gotten to the point where the only time other hummers can get a drink is in the morning. Sometimes, a female will fly towards the feeder and Petey will start attacking her, then while Petey’s still attacking the first female, another will come. This has happened 4 or 5 times but every time he somehow manages to chase them both away without either one getting so much as a sip. I hope he lets off on the feeder guarding soon.
8 / 10 / 2022


The baby is on the left and the adult on the right.while we were driving by the great lakes,in michigan.

nest that the babies fledged

(He or she)screech owl.

ID please!birds at feeder.

we put up our suet feeders in the winter,and then we participate in the great backyard bird count.In febuarary

Hummingbird preening

I have so many hummers I’m going to have to buy another feeder. It was fun to catch this one preening as they are always on the move and so quick!

Titmice/woodpecker nest that survived the first brood:the 2nd brood:chicks got eaten by a snake):sad.

Injured Mourning Dove Update

Update: The male mourning dove’s wing has gotten much worse. It might be angelwing or something else.

Mother and baby dove eating suet and need feather ID

Mother and baby dove eating suet. The baby clung to the suet cage and was swinging around. What a silly baby dove.

The feather was found at Paul D Rushing’s Chain of Lakes when we were going to visit the (empty) mockingbird nest. It is a blackish brownish white feather. It was about 5” long and pointy.

White-winged Dove eating suet

I didn’t know that doves ate suet. Google says that they don’t. We got some new birdseed with milo, millet, and basically no sunflower seeds. (the birds don’t like it) We normally buy Economy Mix Wild Bird Feed Bird Seed Blend. It has black oil sunflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds, milo, millet, wheat, and corn. The birds love it. We get white-winged doves, mourning doves, Eurasian collared doves, house sparrows, European starlings, cardinals, house finches, and blue jays. Most of the birds are eating suet now. We are getting the good birdseed today so the birds will come back.

Mockingbird Nest Fate! 😭

Tweet and Barney nest fate… SO sad! 😭😭

Ruby- throated hummingbird

Ruby-throated hummingbird hanging out in the Chinese lilac tree early this morning. 8-9-22

Tweet and Barney are GONE!

We visited the nest later than we wanted today, (Almost dusk) we thought that the mother would be there. When we saw there was no mother we took the video of the nest and saw, it was empty! The nest wasn’t damaged so was probably a Blue Jay, Crow, or squirrel. Hopefully, we can find another nest to watch soon.

Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling Regurgitating A Pellet!

eastern phoebe and mr.cardinal.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay

Mr. and Mrs. Jay trying out the new feeders!

Nuthatch, Chickadee, Hummer

Red breasted nuthatch, Black capped chickadee, and hummer cooling off in the sprayer mist on Dogwood.
Hummer hard to see, but she’s there! So cute to watch them rub themselves all over the wet leaves.

How do I report a banded Shorebird sighting?

While on vacation at Dauphin Island, I photographed a lot of birds. I didn’t even realize this guy was banded until I looked closer at the photo. He has a bright orange band on his top, right leg and a light blue band on his bottom, left leg. I can’t remember how many other birds were around or what the weather was like. How do I report this sighting? Sorry for the bad photo quality, I had to take a picture of the picture from my camera.
Photo was taken July 25, 2022.

Half white House Sparrow

Rare half white house sparrow. His tail and back are white. There are two like this in our yard.

Injured Mockingbird Returns

Injured mockingbird eating suet. He gets attacked by the adult mockingbird. They dig their claws into him as you can see the black marks. I finally got some pictures to show how bad it is. The adults are really rough at him. They attack him in mid-air, chase him and dig their claws into him. They also scratch him with their claws too. 😟😢

Young male House Sparrow

Young male House Sparrow eating birdseed

Happy Birthday Barney!!

Barney hatched today! Now we’re waiting for Tweet! Happy Birthday Barney!! He has a few downy feathers on his back. His eyes are closed.

Birdwatching at the Beach!

During a vacation this past week, I watched a black backed gull catch a small fish and peck at it for a bit before swallowing the remainder of it whole. Very neat! Two laughing gulls were getting some morning sun on the sand. I also spotted a female house sparrow feeding her nestlings at an outdoor restaurant that I visited!

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove just hanging out in the shade of the Maple tree on a very hot afternoon. 8-6-22.

Hurt Mockingbird

We watched this mockingbird grow up from a newly fledged bird and watched his mother feed him. Lately, for the past couple of weeks, he gets attacked daily and the adults that attack him dig their claws into him. The poor bird couldn’t defend himself because he was very thin at the time. His feathers were matted and in horrible shape. He has gotten bigger since he has been visiting the peanut butter “swing” but still looks horrible. Any ideas? He has lost a lot of weight.

Baby Grackles!!

Baby Great-tailed Grackles!

Immature Great-Tailed Grackles!

Immature Great-Tailed Grackles and European Starlings came to eat birdseed

I maxed out at five photos and have one photo left so please see the other photo!

Help! What’s wrong with this mockingbird!

As can see from the photos this mockingbird is not in good shape. He gets attacked daily and the adults that attack him dig their claws into him. The poor bird couldn’t defend himself because he was very thin at the time. His feathers were matted and in horrible shape. He has gotten bigger since he has been visiting the peanut butter “swing”.

I also saw an adult mockingbird with no head feathers. It looks like a vulture! This isn’t normal in mockingbirds. (It is normal for blue jays and cardinals to lose their head feathers.) Please help! This is really concerning as there are lots of sick/injured birds in our yard!

House Finches

House Finches!!

Downy Woodpecker

Look carefully. She’s on the feeder. I’ll try to get better pictures.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology