Fuzzy eyebrows

Baby Carolina wren in the nest.

A Kiss For Good Luck!

This baby American Tree Swallow had just fledged and landed on the wire where the male was feeding him.

Feeding The Kids

Male Eastern Bluebird bringing a stinkbug back to the nesting box for the kids.

Hooded Warbler chicks

I was observing a female Hooded Warbler when I saw her land on a nest about 2 feet in past the tree line. I waited for her to fly off then I quickly went in and snapped a couple shots before she returned.

Treman Babies

I am submitting this photo which was taken by my daughter, Mathea, along the trail at Treman Park. She asked me to submit it for her. Around shoulder height, they found this nest nestled into the rocks, full of baby birds waiting for mom and a meal. Very surprised to see this nest and birds so vulnerable close to the trail and people.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology