Mockingbird Nest

I got to photograph a nearby farm & in one of their small trees was this darling mockingbird nest.

Mockingbird Babies

These precious babies were a week old here. The family had a nest in a small tree right by our house. I had the privilege of photographing them once a day.

Nest watch of Common Iora

Nest of Common Iora in Rajshahi University campus is very common.

Nest watch of Asian Paradise Flycatcher

In Rajshahi University campus Asian Paradise Flycatcher is very common. They build nest every year and Bird watchers come here to see this bird.

Nest watch of Black-crown Night Heron

In Rajshahi University campus a heronry is created since 2009. Each year thousand of nest build here of which Black-crown Night Heron is dominant.

Nest of Little Greb

In 2015 a pair of Little Greb build a nest in a pond and laid 5 five eggs. The eggs are hatched successfully. It was the first time to trace nest of Little Greb in this campus, though the Grebs are found since 2010 during their breeding season. However, the Little Grebs are common in this region.

Just Relaxing

Saved this little baby from the road❤️

First Feeding

This male mourning dove feeds his hour old hatchling for the first time. He also is sitting on a second egg, which hasn’t hatched, yet. The adult’s head bobbed up and down during the feeding; the hatchling following the movement. The body of the adult was heaving as well; regurgitating. I have read that this regurgitation is the production of “pigeon’s milk” for the youngling.

a caring parent

the birds built a nest in one corner of the pergola, the eggs have already hatced. babies were waiting for the parents. Perched on a near by tree the parent is keeping an eye on the babies

Baby Starlings

A few years ago we had a tree cut down that was dying and was too close to the house but we made sure about 12 feet of the trunk remained for the birds. This year we had a starling family nest in a tree hole a flicker had excavated.

Red tail Hawk on Nest

The thrilling experience of seeing the red tail hawk eyas stand and spread their wings on the nest as they grow.Photo taken at the local library on the third floor through a window with no disturbance to the nest.

Red tail Hawk

This is a photo of the adult Red tail Hawk during feeding time.The photo was taken from the third floor of the public through the window without disturbance to the nest which is in a pine tree.As depicted in this photo,the adult already has some food in the beak to begin feeding each eyas.

Three cute Red-breasted Nuthatch Nestlings looking out of Nest

Every chance I had I visited this nest. These little babies were adorable to watch as they all fought to look out of the nest. I love how the one on the very left eyes is closed as if it is annoyed with its siblings.

Spotted Sandpiper Eggs

I came across this nest while on a fishing trip. I had never seen a nest on the ground before, I will not forget how struck I was by the nest and 4 speckled eggs.

String Thief

I came back from vacation to find the hummingbird feeder that hangs outside my work window on the ground. I knew the string was old so I knotted the string and re-hung the feeder. Later that day I saw something reflected in my monitor and turned around to see this…a female American Goldfinch shredding the string for nesting materials! And she could have cared less that I was watching her. By 4:30 that evening the feeder was back on the ground, so I used paperclips to hang it up again and left the string for her to do with as she pleased.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology