A Deer Fawn being Delivered to the Nest

A parent bald eagle delivers a fawn to its nest where there are 3 juvenile eagles. This nest is located along the Yakima River Canyon Road …. a spectacular drive south of Ellensburg. I have followed it for several years … and this was the third consecutive year that the pair had nested there. Over the years watching and photographing the adults bring food to the nest, with exception of this delivery, all were fish.

Flying Fish Food Service

A parent landing with its catch at its nesting area with a highly animated hungry sibling and the other parent squawking its homecoming excitement. These Terns nest on the roof of an abandoned warehouse near the Port of Everett harbor.

Parent Feeding its

Caspian Terns nest on the top of an abandoned 4 story old building near the Everett Harbor. This parent caught a fish and then landed where this fledging was sitting in shallow water to transfer the fish to its sibling.

St Patrick’s Island Owlet

These great horned owlet’s are right in the middle of the city, on St Patrick’s Island.

Feeding Time!

American Robin with a mouthful of worms ready to feed the little ones.

Musical Nest

A House Finch constructs her nest on top of a wind chime on our front porch.

Mom is Here

Mom comes to bring food to her hungry babies.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology